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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rev. Dianne and Amber
I have included a picture of my beautiful Angel Amber because she worked a lot with Me when I did healings on clients! She was sent to me by God and has healed me many times, in many ways!! She is now with the Angels helping me thru my beautiful dog Arielle. I also married my Divine Compliment Greg in August of 1998.
I am a Spirtual Counselor, I do Angel Readings, past life regressions, weddings and baptisms. I started seeing and hearing Angels after I had a near death experience in 1996. I also work with the Angels as my body sleeps. I energetically go with the Angelic realm to assist people who have asked me to help them heal. I observe what the Angels do in the healing and then can tell people what was done.
I also do seminars and help people to hear and see their Angels.
Rev. Dianne
797 Brocker Rd.
Metamora, MI 48455

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Angelic inspired jewelry
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All of the jewelry that I make is inspired by the Angelic realm and is infused with Angelic energy. Many people have told me that when they wear the jewelry they are healed. Every piece carries whatever energy the person needs. I work with Swarovski crystals, gems (like amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and turquoise to name a few) silver and gold plated. When someone requests a piece, I ask the Angels what stones would serve that person best and then energize it with whatever energy comes thru for that person. The swarovski crystal hearts turn gold when I infuse the energy into them.
Prices range from $10-$120(sometimes higher if a long Swarovski crystal necklace is requested). I can give you a price when it is ordered.
To order:
Rev. Dianne
797 W. Brocker Rd.
Metamora, MI 48455

Where I will be

A day with the Angels, Rev. Dianne
Saturday September 22, 2018

The old Soothe Your Soul Building, now Willowsedge
2B Washington St.
Oxford, MI 48371

The Angels are calling 2018 the year of unprecedented prosperity, abundance and manifestation.  Also the year of discovery, and boy it sure has been that!   Now it is time to see what is happening with the energies and what to expect in the final quarter of this year with all this energy coming in!  We will discuss the powerful fall Equinox, all the powerful full moons, and eclipes, how we are doing FINALLY stepping into our power!!!  This is the year to realize how powerful we are to manifest everything.  The energies of the Equinox, retrogrades and full moons are bringing up EVERYTHING, to let it go so everything flows easily!   WE will check in to see how we are doing with all the energies that have really gone into high gear, the ascension,  where do we go from here,  integrating new manifestation energies that the soul will encounter, and how to REALLY tap into that energy!   Manifestation is instant and we can now take full advantage of this energy along with learning how to use your intuition to it's fullest capacity.   The Angels have specifics they want everyone to know about this final stage of ascension, and how they are moving us closer and closer, the really good stuff that is happening because of the ascension, the integration of the higher self and how to observe and not absorb, and whatever else the Angels and the group what to talk about. As always this is a very interactive seminar and group participation is encouraged. So bring your thoughts, questions and concerns!  The Angels are going to leave time for all the questions that anyone has, so please make a list and bring them with You. ArchAngel Gabrielle is ready to answer them all along with all the other Angels and so many other high vibrating Beings.   Hope to see you there!!  This will be a truly ROCKIN' seminar.   Have a heavenly week!!!!  Cash or check only!  I don't take credit cards. Please pass this email along to your group if you feel it is appropriate.  Hope to see you there!!!

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